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Lesson #2 "Free consultation fatigue" is REAL. I understood that each person I got on the phone with was meeting me for the very first time. I needed to have great energy, be fully attentive, and make the best first impression possible. This was harder than I thought it would be. Having the same conversation over and over can be draining. And if I can be honest, there was already a part of me that was saying "just BUY already"!

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Of course, all of this is much more complicated than simply ensuring parking lot entrances aren’t obstructed by construction. Customers will never run into this problem if they don’t first know that a business exists, or if they aren’t convinced that it would be a good idea to shop there. And that’s where there is some overlap and confusion between the buyer’s journey and the sales funnel; to have a sales funnel that is strong and friction-free at every single stage, the business needs to think like an individual buyer. They need to be thinking about factors that would pull a buyer into the funnel, and factors that would cause them to leak out. They need to think about how to cater to a buyer’s needs, and how to keep potential buyers focused and enthralled with their product, rather than getting distracted and sucked into a competitor’s funnel.
For something like a concert where the offer is clear-cut, going this route would be fine. However, think about something like a professional conference or retreat where tickets run upwards of $1000 and the cost of travel adds even more weight to that total. If you’re asking for a huge commitment of time, money or effort from your customers, don’t skip the MOF marketing steps. .

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Customer can build UNLIMITED affiliate funnels on the fly to build a list while promoting ANY offer in ANY niche, all in just 60 seconds! They also get my personal affiliate funnels dripped to them each month. These are the funnels I personally use to promote products as an affiliate and build a MASSIVE list of subscribers to promote offers to forever!
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Sales and marketing teams need to adapt to these increasing demands. They have to work more closely together. While the marketing team still hands leads to the sales team at a point in the funnel, they have to stay involved to maximize customer retention and advocacy. The sales team needs to be involved early on, providing the benefits of their customer knowledge to help increase qualified leads and conversions.
As a side note, while getting negative feedback rarely feels good, I want to encourage you to view feedback the way I do: as a priceless opportunity to improve and grow your business. Complaints and criticisms give you important signals that you need to make changes or else risk losing business from frustrated customers. Read this article to learn more: What Should You Do When People Complain About Your Product or Service?

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In this brief article I’m going to provide you with an overview of a popular affiliate sales funnel known as the “The Secret Affiliate Machine” or SAM Funnel. I’ll also provide you with a link to download your very own Secret Affiliate Machine sales funnel. UPDATE: The Secret Affiliate Machine (SAM Funnel) has been periodically... Continue Reading →

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    You need the help of some tools for funnel marketing. These are called sales funnel tools. Automatic funnel marketing can be done with these. In fact, it is not possible for humans to do so many things in a short time. So a lot of work can be done in less time with the software. There are several good quality sales funnel software tools in the market. Now we will introduce you to them.

    Is it a marketing funnel or is it a sales funnel? It really is both. Both need to work together to capture as many leads as possible (Marketing), Nurture them (Marketing and Sales), and Convert them into customers (Sales). But even then the job isn’t over. We need to maintain and strengthen our relationship so they keep coming back, and becoming raving fans (Customer Service).
    If the deal is won, your sales reps move the deal to the won stage in the pipeline and begin onboarding the new customer. Some leads may slip through the cracks for reasons that are beyond the control of your sales techniques, like budget constraints. It is important to keep a record of the lost leads too so you can track the reasons why you lost them, and nurture those prospects in the future to win back their business and relationship.

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    Marketing and sales always need to show how their efforts improve the bottom line. Fortunately, funnel marketing helps brands see where they should dedicate marketing resources. It can even show what efforts brought in the most bang for your buck. Instead of spending money and time on ineffective tactics, you can spend your resources where they’re going to make a difference. For example, without information from your funnel, you might invest a lot of funds into a live event for lead gen. But with funnel marketing, you can see most of your customers come in through your website, not in person. You would be able to save money and time by focusing on web leads instead of low-ROI activities like live events.

    The process working with Steve was absolutely seamless! He has an uncanny ability to take the vision of his customers and turn it into reality. I couldn't be happier with my sales funnel to sell my new product. It goes without saying, Steve is one of the pro's. If you are looking to build a profitable sales/marketing funnel, you need to contact Steve today.
    Getting this timing right prevents losing prospects by bombarding them with too much information or giving them the hard sell too early. This is why moving prospects through the funnel is often called “nurturing.” Seventy-eight percent of business buyers seek salespeople who act as trusted advisors with knowledge of their needs and industry. Prospects should ideally only receive the information and sales help they need when they need it.

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    I’m not saying they will take your money and run. I’m sure you will get something and you will feel like you have the power for a while and then when it is not successful for you they will tell you that you are either not putting in enough time and effort, you need to purchase educational materials to help you or they’ll upsell you another product that will supposedly get you to nirvana.

    Let’s be clear—leads won’t automatically move down the funnel. Sales reps have to continue to do their part of selling and allow the sales funnel software to update the lead’s stage in the funnel by completing certain actions. You can setup workflow automations in the CRM to change lead stages. For example, after you’ve contacted a lead, the CRM will automatically update the lead’s stage based on the last activity.
    For example: If you’re a web designer and you’ve created a shiny new website for a client. You could send a monthly or quarterly checklist for website maintenance and while you’re at it, here are your ongoing web maintenance packages and graphic design packages – if they need further help. A consistent sequence that you can just automate and have running on a regular basis for you.

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    The top of the marketing funnel is comprised of buyers who are just becoming aware of your product. They may have just visited your website, read a piece of content, or engaged with a social media post. They’re not ready to buy yet, but they’re in the process of learning more about your company. SEO tactics and online advertising ensures that your top-of-funnel content is highly discoverable, so that more potential buyers can encounter it.

    Nothing to download, nothing to install. You just enter your affiliate IDs (from JVZoo for example) in the Settings. You then pick a funnel / an offer you want to promote and our engine will customize it with your affiliate link in just a few seconds. You click “Get Funnel Link” and you’re ready to go. And on top of that our engine will send the leads to your autoresponder (see below)!
    Assumption #3 A decision would require two phone calls (free consultations) at the most. What I learned is that prospective clients will take as much free advice, counsel, and help as you allow them to have. This is not because prospective clients are "blood-thirsty, tire-kicking, freebie-seeking" cheapies. Rather, it is becuase they are HUMAN and if they enjoy your advice, they will listen as long as you talk. In my case, my desire to be helpful open the door for additional conversations beyond my intended scope.

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Remember that a conversion is simply one piece in a very large customer relationship-building and experience-generating puzzle. Funnel conversion rate is not the be-all-end-all of your marketing effort with that customer. Sometimes, the conversation after the conversion can make just as much of a difference in filling your funnel as chasing down every source of reliable traffic. As with so many of your efforts before it, the after-conversion checklist involves paying close attention to your customer. Always be asking yourself “what can I do to make their experience with me absolutely unbeatable?” and live up to those expectations. Those are the kinds of actions that not only fill your conversion funnel but keep customers beating a path to your door.

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In most cases the funnel is divided in multiple steps, which differ depending on the industry and business goal. The most basic model can be split into four primary stages which include awareness, consideration, decision, and retention. Awareness and consideration are at the top of the funnel and are targeting the broadest amount of people. Whereas, the decision and retention levels are at the bottom of the funnel and have fewer, but more qualified, individuals.

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The funnel’s limitation is that it really looks at only one sort of customer experience. As soon as the customer goes through the funnel, it’s done, whereas with a flywheel, in contrast, there’s always opportunity to work with a customer in a new way or explore new options. It also forces you to think of everyone as a customer, there’s not this divide between a prospect and customer that makes you treat them differently.

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